AMP's Tomorrow fund
Terms and Conditions

Thank you for your interest in applying for a grant from AMP Foundation's Tomorrow Fund (AMP Grant). There are a few things you need to know before you submit your Application and this document sets out the terms and conditions which apply to each AMP Grant Application.

By submitting an Application you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions (AMP Grant Terms and Conditions).

1. AMP Grants

1.1 The AMP Foundation has established AMP's Tomorrow Fund to provide up to A$1 million of AMP Grants.

1.2 AMP's Tomorrow Fund will be awarding AMP Grants valued between A$5,000 up to a maximum of A$100,000. The value of each AMP Grant will be determined by the AMP Foundation in its absolute discretion.

1.3 AMP Grants will be awarded to Applicants who can best demonstrate a goal they have been working towards that will benefit Australia. In your Application, you will need to explain how you will use your AMP Grant to achieve your goal.

1.4 The AMP Foundation will assess each Application on individual merit – chance plays no part in the award of an AMP Grant.

1.5 AMP Grant winners will be publicly announced later in 2022 (date to be confirmed). Information about the recipients of each AMP Grant will be posted at

2. The Application process

2.1 Applications will be open from 00:01am on 7 March 2021 until 4pm AEST on 4 April 2021 (Closing Date). The AMP Foundation will not accept any Applications submitted after this date.

2.2 You can only apply for an AMP Grant electronically through the online Application form accessed from

2.3 Applications can include text and online links that will help the judging panel assess your Application.

2.4 Please take care when completing your Application, as incorrect or incomplete Application forms may not be accepted.

2.5 Each Applicant may only submit one Application and you cannot change your Application once it has been submitted.

2.6 All Applicants will be provided with a unique Application number once their Application has been submitted. Please keep a copy of this number and include it in all correspondence with the AMP Foundation regarding your Application.

2.7 You will also be sent PDF copy of your Application form. We recommend that you save this PDF copy so you have a record of it.

2.8 At any time after you have submitted your Application, we may contact you if we need to clarify or obtain additional information in relation to your Application. We may also contact your referees and we may do a background check to verify any information you have included in your Application form. By submitting your Application form, you consent to allow us to contact your referees and conduct checks to verify the information contained in your Application form. You may also be required to provide additional information and complete additional forms in order to allow us to conduct our background checks and you agree to do this if requested.

2.9 The AMP Grants Application process will comprise two rounds. We will endeavour to contact Applicants who have progressed to the finalist round in July 2022.

2.10 We will endeavour to notify Applicants who have not progressed to the second round of judging in July 2022.

2.11 The AMP Foundation judging panel will have absolute discretion in judging all Applications and in deciding the finalists and winners of the AMP Grants. The panel's decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

2.12 Applicants who have applied for an AMP Grant in previous years, but were not successful, are eligible to apply,

2.13 Previous AMP Tomorrow Fund winners are ineligible to apply.

3. Eligibility to enter

3.1 To be eligible for an AMP Grant you must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident of Australia as at the date of submission of your Application.

3.2 AMP employees and contractors are eligible to apply for an AMP Grant.

3.3 You are not eligible to apply for an AMP Grant if you have lived outside Australia for two or more years immediately prior to the Closing Date or are intending to move overseas for more than two years, unless you are studying, competing in sport or engaging in an activity directly related to your goal.

3.4 AMP Grants will only be awarded to individuals. An AMP Grant is designed to reward individual achievement. While individuals who are in the process of, or early stages of establishing an organisation, including a charity, can apply for a Grant, they must prove they are the main driver of activities associated with that organisation.

3.5 If you are under 18 years of age you must have the consent of a parent or legal guardian to apply for an AMP Grant. Your parent or legal guardian must have read and discussed the AMP Grant Terms and Conditions with you and consent must be filled out in your Application.

3.6 Applicants in the final stages of the process will be asked to disclose any previous convictions, and AMP Foundation's decision-making discretion under clause 2.11 shall apply.

4. Obligations on AMP Grant recipients

4.1 If you are the recipient of an AMP Grant, we would like to let other people know about your success and your plans for the future. By applying for an AMP Grant, you agree to participate in promoting your involvement in AMP's Tomorrow Fund and the AMP Foundation (including the way in which you use or intend to use your AMP Grant) for a period of five years from the date of announcement that you have been awarded an AMP Grant. This may include media interviews organised by AMP Group and the use of your photos and details of your Application in AMP Group internal and external publications.

4.2 We take your privacy seriously, abiding by the Australian Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). Your information will be collected by the relevant AMP Group entity in order to process your AMP Grant Application (AMP Grant Process). You consent to the AMP Group using and disclosing your personal information for purposes related to AMP's Tomorrow Fund and the AMP Foundation, including the AMP Grant Process and promotional and marketing purposes. Your information may be shared with other AMP Group companies and service providers and external subject matter experts in accordance with the AMP Foundation privacy policy which provides more information about how we use, manage and protect the personal information we hold about individuals. You may locate a copy of our privacy policy at

4.3 If you are awarded an AMP Grant you must not make any press or other release or announcement relating to your AMP Grant Application, the AMP Foundation or AMP's Tomorrow Fund without our prior written approval.

4.4 You must obtain our prior written approval (such approval not to be unreasonably withheld) if you wish to make any reference to the fact that you are the recipient of an AMP Grant or you wish to use the AMP name or logo or otherwise associate yourself with the AMP Group (including the AMP Foundation and AMP's Tomorrow Fund).

4.5 If successful, it is a condition of your AMP Tomorrow Fund grant application that you will only use the AMP Foundation grant funds for the purpose outlined in your application. AMP Foundation will request evidence that the funds have been incurred in pursuit of this purpose. If you do not provide written reports of your progress and/or evidence of expenditure, AMP Foundation may ask you to return part or all of your grant funding.

Your grant reporting requirements:

  • Please ensure you keep records of your spending (paper receipts or online transaction details for each item)
  • Twice a year (usually April and November) we will send you a reporting form to fill in. You need to tell us what you have done so far to move closer to your goal, the items or services you have spent the funds on and any challenges you have faced or envisage.

Your spending should reflect the budget you submitted with your AMP Tomorrow Fund application, but we do appreciate that things may change. If you do not spend all of your funds by end 2023, we will require you to report again in 2024, until you've acquitted all of your grant.

4.6 You must obtain your own advice in relation to the taxation consequences of any payment or receipt of an AMP Grant.

5. Personal statement

5.1 I acknowledge and agree that:

(a) I am eligible to apply for an AMP Grant.

(b) The AMP Group may use and disclose my personal information in accordance with these AMP Grant Terms and Conditions.

(c) The AMP Group may display and use the information and materials included in my Application, including any photographs, recordings or images of me, on the AMP Group and AMP's Tomorrow Fund websites, AMP's Facebook page, and in any other materials that the AMP Group reasonably believes are appropriate for the promotion of AMP's Tomorrow Fund/AMP/the AMP Foundation.

(d) My referees consent to include their names and contact details in my Application and to be contacted by the AMP Foundation representatives in relation to my Application.

(e) The AMP Foundation may modify the AMP Grant Terms and Conditions at any time on provision of written notice.

(f) The AMP Foundation reserves the right to cancel, suspend or change the AMP Grants program at any time without notice.

(g) Neither the AMP Foundation nor the AMP Group will incur any liability, financial or otherwise to you in relation to the conduct of the AMP Grant program. The AMP Group assumes no obligation to reimburse or in any way compensate you for losses or expenses incurred in connection with your Application for an AMP Grant or participation in AMP's Tomorrow Fund.

5.2 I acknowledge and agree that if I am awarded an AMP Grant:

(a) The amount granted to me, and the terms and conditions in relation to the timing and frequency of payment, will be determined by the AMP Foundation in its absolute discretion.

(b) I will enter into an agreement with the AMP Foundation to confirm my acceptance of the AMP Grant Terms and Conditions.

(c) I will only use AMP Grant funds for the purpose outlined in my Application. I acknowledge that AMP Foundation will ask successful applicants to report twice a year and provide evidence of expenditure of grant funds (for example, in the form of receipts) that prove the AMP Grant funds have been incurred in pursuit of the stated goal. Failure to comply or to acquit the grant within an agreed period may require repayment of AMP Grant funds.

(d) I will be responsible for any and all applicable taxes I may be liable for in relation to receiving an AMP Grant.

6. Parent/guardian consent

Please note this parent/guardian consent only applies if the Applicant is under the age of 18 at the time of entering the AMP Grants process.

6.1 I acknowledge and agree that:

(a) I am the Applicant's parent or legal guardian.

(b) I have read and understood the AMP Grant Terms and Conditions and have discussed these with the Applicant.

6.2 I consent to the Applicant named below applying for an AMP Grant on and subject to the AMP Grant Terms and Conditions.

7. Interpretation

For the purposes of these AMP Grant Terms and Conditions:

“AMP Group” means AMP Limited (ACN 079 354 519) and any Related Body Corporate from time to time of AMP Limited and their respective Employees.

“Applicant” means the individual applying for an AMP Grant.

“Application” means the online form used to apply for an AMP Grant which can be accessed from

“we”, “us” and “our” means the AMP Foundation and includes its employees, contractors and agents.

“you” and “your” means Applicant.